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Foreword by Steve Replin

It takes a village to raise a child so they say. But you don’t have to go looking for a village to write and publish a book. The village comes to you in ways that you can’t even envision before you start, with a project of this magnitude. And, it seems so easy. You just sit down and write. What could be hard about that? And the finished manuscript comes out the other end. Right? NOT!

It’s a sad, sad thing when the only people who can get money from a bank are the ones who truly don’t need it.

What is “hard” money anyway? You may be saying, “Hard money as opposed to what; soft money?” Well, yeah. As you read on, we’ll talk a lot about hard money, hard money lenders, the opportunities it provides and what you should do to make the most of this opportunity. At the outset, it is sufficient to say that, generically speaking, _ital_ hard money is anything you borrow from someone other than a bank or lending institution _ital_.

I know what you’re thinking: hard money is the kind of thing that’s going to get your kneecaps broken. Not so; the public has been given the wrong impression about borrowing from individuals rather than institutions. You can thank gangster movies and TV crime shows like _ital_ The Sopranos _ital_ for that. Do unscrupulous loan sharks still exist? Sure they do; but, they aren’t authentic hard money lenders.

There is one crucial thing that separates legitimate hard money lenders from Joe the Kneebreaker: with a hard money lender you get a legal and lawful loan documented with notes, lawyers, and loan commitments. Joe will give you a brown sack with cash today, expecting two sacks of cash by Friday. Joe, being the guy that he is, doesn’t care about notes, mortgages, loan commitments or title insurance. His collateral is, well, his collateral is YOU and your near-term health. With Joe the Kneebreaker, you might need shin guards or worse.

When you borrow hard money, you get a loan and the kind of partner you want—one who will be there to help you whenever you need it. When the loan is repaid, the hard money lender is ready to help you again when the need arises.

The beauty of a hard money loan is that it is solely collateral based. For those unfamiliar with the term “collateral,” it is the thing pledged in exchange for the money, which will be lost if the loan isn’t repaid in a timely manner. Collateral can be real estate—including investment property, commercial property, or raw land; it can also be non-real estate like stocks, artwork, or classic cars. Later in this book, we’ll explore various types of collateral. We’ll analyze the differences between traditional bank loans and hard money loans.

Book Information

  • ISBN: 9780984068524 – Where to Go When the Bank Says No by Stephen Replin – AbeBooks

  • Paperback:  pages
  • Digital eBook:  pages
  • Published:
  • Available in: English
  • Edition: First Edition
  • Publisher: 9780984068524 – Where to Go When the Bank Says No by Stephen Replin – AbeBooks

    Published by Barbers Chair Press, LLC

    ISBN 10: 098406852X

The Author

Steve Replin has been a copyright and patent attorney for over 45 years. He has been serving professional clients in the movie and music industry helping them not only secure their intellectual products but also financing for their next project. Steve is a young spirited gentleman, who’s wisdom does not match his appearance. He challenges the status quo and focus on the solutions and not the problems. You will find his latest edition to “Where to go when the banks say no!” exceptionally challenging and insightful.

Is there sources of money for small business?
Steve’s guides you through the process of seeking investment capital in a very straight forward manner. Many have said his writing style is different, but the information contained in each book is like finding buried treasure. Each nugget of information is perfectly laid out with details and annotated stories that bring a new approach to how people now can gain access to funding sources many believe have either disappeared or dried up.

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What people are saying about the author.


Richard Smith
One word describes it all. AMAZING.


Kelli Brown
I really enjoyed the way he told stories to bring out his message. Amazing writer.


Tina Lindal
Not only did I get the loan I was needing following his process, but I now have all my digital work protected. An amazing man.


Where to go when the banks say no!

David Gurion
Outstanding book. I learned things I never knew about banking and financing.


Sarah Smith
Steve is a wonderful writer. He puts things in terms that makes it easy to understand the banking process.


Paul Saval
I went to Steve’s events and they are wonderful. The book and the presentation brought everything to life. No longer just words on paper.

The Perfect Business Partner

What “Where to go when the banks say no!” Can Do For You

Business Partner

This man is a wordsmith and truly animated when giving his presentations.

Legal Assistant

Truly brilliant. He knows what he is talking about. Very rare in this day and age.

Cares about you.

He believes in the best of all people and wants them to succeed. Very motivated in doing his best.



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