Start-up a New Business with an Alternative Loan

This is the buzz word of the day, week, month and year: start your business now! Do you realize that if only 1% of the unemployed people could figure out how to start a new business, and each of these new small businesses hired two people, we would probably cut the unemployment numbers by half?  Isn’t that incredible?

I’m suggesting that if we provide education on how to start a business, where to go for alternative loans for small business, and other small business expertise, that our country and you, yes you, would be much more solvent. Hard money lending is an area of alternative business funding about which you need to educate yourself.

What is an alternative loan? Who are alternative hard money lenders? Are there any hard money lenders in your state or local area? And, how do they provide financial assistance for start up businesses?

There is an easy way to find out the answers to these questions and the answers will definitely surprise you.  You will learn how to find alternative loans for small business funding, where to go for alternative business loans, and how to connect with hard money lenders who will supply you with capital for a lifetime.

I have just published a new book entitled Where To Go When The Bank Says NO! by Barber’s Chair Press, LLC.  I’m really proud to say that this book is groundbreaking as it will tell you the truth about the hard money business and how to navigate the waters of hard money lending without getting eaten by the loan sharks all around.  You will become a savvy borrower to the benefit of your business and your personal peace of mind.

I would be pleased to be the one to educate you and aim you toward success in your business life.  Please take the time to review my other blogs on the subject at as I think that there will be topics that will be relevant as well.

Best, Steve

Steve Replin is a highly experienced hard money lender with over 30 years of nationwide hard money lending experience. He has seen the good, the bad, and the ugly and his experience will keep you on the right track so you are safe in this unregulated business.

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